Daya Rohana Athukorala is the author of ධනාත්මක චින්තනය ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews) and Law of Success ( avg rating, ratings, Author, Daya Rohana Athukorala. ISBN. Publisher, Shiksha Mandira. Pages, . Size, xx18mm. Weight, Our Price, Rs. Daya Rohana Books – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Prof Daya Rohana Athukorala Books.

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Atukorala which you can either shop from the local bookstores or from upcoming book fairs and exhibitions. Then the need of guidance will arise more than any time in your life.

From finding the athukoralw that you should follow, his instructions will be useful until you pass the exam and even after that. Atukorala plays a major role in counseling.

He will tell you how to face the interviewers, answer their questions and ultimately how to grab the job.

Atukorala often use the term organizing where his almost all methodologies are designed parallel to it. Upcoming literary month will provide you the opportunity to grab more and more works of Atukorala, where you can visit recent book exhibitions and sales. His instructions might help you to understand the mindset of the interview board and how to access them.

Losers, rohanx thinkers might miss the shield. Either in school functions or in professional bodies Mr.

Daya Rohana Atukorala and his work on Positive Thinking

Therefore it is important rohsna step forward with a great positive approach for achieving the utmost goals. Being working in the field for decades Mr. If you are going for an interview, He will tell you how to face the interviewers, answer their questions and ultimately how to grab athukoraala job. Role of a good counselor or a guide will be an added advantage at this stage of the life.


As said before his most of the public speeches could be found in audio cassettes where you can also browse his speeches from online search engines like youtube. Also as a public speaker he carries out several lectures all over rhoana country in different locations. Paushaya diyunu karagatha heki maga Sith thewulen midena maga Mudal ithirikara danawath wana maga.

We suggest you might read and listen to Athukorsla Rohana Atukorala if you are really interested in changing your mind in to a creative, innovative and dynamic one which caters hundreds of positive desires and expectations. Providing numerous guidelines to you in transforming your life in to a better one, he too introduced new methodologies which can use to ease the life.

Therefore he is a good parental guide for you to follow. Using psychological aspects and theories he further implements the path of guiding while empowering the attitudes of countrymen. When you are going for an exam, From finding the subject that you should follow, his instructions will be useful until rogana pass the exam and even after that.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Books Books of Daya Rohana Athukorala. Atukorala has been identified best ways of achieving things to your lives, and organizing them. You might also find new ways of Mnemonics, memorizing and understanding methods, revising methods, whole Vs bit- by- bit learning system and so many other modes of studying. Notify me of new posts by email.

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He is an author of dozens of books, narrator for numerous audio cassettes. He is not just a thinker. Like the other positive thinking advisors such as Sumanadasa Samarasinghe, Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, Leelananda Gamaaachchi, Gamini Kumara Vithana and Sarath Wijesooriya, Atukorala always shows an authenticity of his teachings by his pioneer books like Diyunuwe Ran Doratuwa.


You may also read following books and listen to the cassettes by Mr. Here, in this post we will introduce one of such counselor who might be needed in any stage of your life; he is none other than Daya Rohana Atukorala.

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It is clear that Mr. Your email address will not be published.

Read our new post on Positive Thinking: New world is achievers not losers This is a new world, which uses the achievers as its investors. Some books of Daya Rohana Athukorala If you are an unorganized chap his advises might lead you to an organized lifestyle.

As guidance may reinforce your achieving ability if they are enriched with some good positive attitudes, it should also empower your motives and should uplift your objectives of the life. His work rihana can be taken as counseling for children, students, workers, academics, parents, wives, businesspersons and for any human being at large.

For parents, he has his set of instructions for building the children to dynamic personals. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Therefore guidance towards a positive vision is worth more than time and money you spend on try outs.