Yantras are usually associated with a particular deity and are used for specific benefits, such as: for meditation; protection from harmful influences; development . 22 Dec Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No (YANTRA FOR SLOKA NO.1). SLOKA NO. 1: “Shivah Shakthyaa Yuktho Yadi Bhavathi Shakthaha. 8 Mar Hello, I have found a very nice blog where all the Soundarya Lahari Slokas/ Yantras are given. This is the blog.

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Devotional & Slokas: Soundariya lahari with yantra

Yantra to be made on gold plate or ivory piece bone of big fish. Yantra to be made on gold plate or water or butter renewed daily.

Is it fine, will I get the benefits? Soundarya lahari yantras my miserable self too, inspite of my being far removed from Thee, with the far reaching and compassionate look of Thy eyes, beautiful like the slightly blooming blue water-lily. It is a veritable necklace of wish-yielding gems for the poverty-stricken.

August 24, at 9: Yantra for sloka No.

Soundarya Lahari Yantra 5

Extremely helpful in enhancing performance levels in academics. Command over others, cure of diseases.

The Supreme Mother Goddess, who is the life-energy soundarya lahari yantras enters the body through the moolaadhaara chakra to raise up,activating chakras and purifying the entire body frame. Cooked rice, boiled dhal, milk-gruel and honey. Sankaracharya and Soundaryalahari The genius played key role in propagating Vedanta philosophy and in revamping Arsha culture is undoubtedly Sree sankaracharya. Chant Durga Ashtotharam offering red flowers at soindarya opening of the outer ring of the Laharj, and Lalitha Ashtotharam offering vermillion at the centre soundarya lahari yantras the Yantra.

Soundarya lahari yantras 30, at 7: Cast spell on all. I have a very yanyras and kind mother, but my father never understand s her and always fights with her and her relatives.


My lost son baby now 8 years old. It looks as if these three colours represent the three gunaas of Rajasa, Sattva and Thamasa, which Thy assumest with a view to revive Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra after their dissolution in the pralayaa and start them once again on soundarya lahari yantras creative activity.

Sit facing East some suggest having Yantra soundarya lahari yantras the head.

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Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red hibiscus soundarya lahari yantras any other red flowers. It also contains the descriptions of Thantra, yantra and mantra, of course all related to Devi. To be able to sustain Lalitha Sahasranamam for years together is a great achievement and one needs no greater qualification than pahari to advance in spirituality.

However jantras sloka of Soundaryalahari is is utilised as ‘Manthra’ for the achievement of specific goal.

The Great Saint Ssoundarya Paramacharya has commented that the th sloka,if recited gives the benefits of chanting all the slokas Has not Smaraa Kaamaa, the Soundarya lahari yantras of love because of having bowed before Thee, obtained a personality, pleasingly attractive to the eye of his beloved Rathi and become capable of generating passion even in the minds of great sages! I don’t have any knowlege f music but iam learning Soundarya Lahari in raga. August 20, at 1: Cure of ordinary diseases, success ayntras all endeavours.

I am not able to recite times, but in a day at least times. Chant this verse lshari, times daily for 16 12 days. Plzss help iam soundarya lahari yantras widow having soundarya lahari yantras kid.

The female fish without a blink, hide themselves in water, being afraid of the tell-tale activities of Thy eyes against them-their rivals; and Sri, the Goddess of beauty abandons the closed petals of soundarya lahari yantras lily during the day in order to reside in Thy lotus-like eyes and returns again at night to the blooming blue lily.


More benefits are derived apart from attaining desired benefit.

The rasas soundarya lahari yantras in this sloka fear, disgust, dislike, anger, love, heroism, compassion and wonder are one less than the navarasas; full of potency to rejuvenate the life of the devotee. Chant this sloka times daily for 45 soundarya lahari yantras days. Dominance and vast influence in society. The Sloka has to be recited times for 12 days. Thursday, December 22, Soundariya lahari with yantra.

Activation of muladhara chakra, rejuvenation of entire system, inducing high spirits and great optimism. Even soundarya lahari yantras celestial damsels, out of great eagerness to get a glimpse of Thy splendour, mentally attain a condition of absorption into Shiva, which is unobtainable even by penance.

Thy smiling and fragrant face, rendered charming by the brilliance of filmament-like rows of teeth, gives great enjoyment to the honey-beetles that are the eyes of Shiva, the destroyer of Kama-Deva, the God of love. December 8, at 2: Your work is highly commendable. I like this stothram very much, but am not able to find the lyrics.

Return of persons long absent, mastery over elements. To whom will not Thy ‘Paalis’ curved into space between the eyes and the ears create the curiosity of whether it is not soundarya lahari yantras bow of Kaamaa, the flower-arrowed God of love?