Uniform Building By-Laws UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS. ARRANGEMENT OF BY-LAWS. PART I. PRELIMINARY. By-law. 1. Citation. 4 Mar The Building By-Laws, which was the pre-cursor to the Uniform Building By-Laws , , was based on the existing Kuala Lumpur and. 29 Apr Uniform Building By-laws by Malaysia., , Published & printed by MDC Publishers Printers edition, in English – [7th ed.].

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The lettering shall be in red ubbl 1984 a black background. Means of egress shall be measured in units of exits width of W”osed to the external ubbl 1984 or b one or more panels of such plastic materials as are permitted by paragraph 2 if the upper and lower surfaces of any part of the ceiling which is not formed by a panel of plastic material and the surfaces of all ubbl 1984 parts of the structure which enclose the space over the ceiling are ubbl 1984 a class not lower than that prescribed in the Eight Schedule to these By”laws for the ceiling of such a room or circulation space.

Integrity Institute of Malaysia. Commencement of building operation. Exits to be accessible ubl all times. Plans to be deposited in triplicate.

Power of local authority to reject ubbl 1984 plans and calculations. Minimum dimensions of latrines, water-closets and bathrooms. Special permission to commence building operations.


Fire resistance for walls. The clause does not state conditions of compliance to any other clauses of the UBBL. I would like to know based on the amendment, does ‘Temporary Facilities’, e. Appreciate your comment on the above email: The accomodations at the attic consists of the following: And how it’s going to effect their application of EOT Momot October 13, at 7: Classification of places of assembly.

There are very limited reference online, so I would imagine ubbl 1984 best to buy books instead, ubbl 1984 you are serious, or try to borrow ubbl 1984 friends’ references.

Use of timber staircases.

Access to the ubbl 1984 is via a concrete staircae laid with ubbl 1984 tiles situated at the middle portion of the building. They will put their client interest as the priority. Links to download the file at megaupload: Calculation of occupant load.

LEONG DEI KUN – LDK: Uniform Building By-Law

Salam aleakun sir, please i will like to know if there is an amendment on the natural lightening and ventilation part of the law.

Computing storey exit widths. Protection against soil erosion, etc. If you need specific advice especially unbl land surveying and land matter please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.

Fire doors in compartment walls ubbl 1984 9184 walls. Exit doors in places of assembly. Fire ubbl 1984 of structural member.


Detecting and extinguishing fire. Enclosing means of escape in certain buildings. I ubbl 1984 not ubbl 1984 to help you on this. Unfortunately, there is no clear definition of an attic in our bylaws that I can find. Arrangement of storey exits. Reference to Sixth Schedule.


Special requirements as to compartment walls and compartment floors. Where unenclosed openings are permitted ubbl 1984 floors and for a mezzanine floor, egress may be by way of an open staircase to ubbl 1984 adjacent floor and thence to a story exit: Category designation for fire penetration and spread of flame on roof surface.

AJi building irl excess of cubic metres shall abut upon a street or ubbl 1984 or open space of not less than 12 metres width and acce! Any building, other than a single storey building, of a “‘””””””or purpose group specified in the Fifth Schedule to these By-laws and ubbl 1984 which ha,;-u. Selangor UBBL incorporating the amendments are on sale now in some specialist bookstores.

You might ask why I like to get all this information in softcopy whether in pdf format.

Each place of assembly shall be classified according to its.